you save

Pay as little as 5pln (approximately) for 1000 display (impression) of your advert. We help you save money on your marketing and advertising campaign and we can confidently say we are the cheapest form of outdoor advertising in Poland right now as alternatives to our service cost a lot more. Alternative (traditional)form of outdoor advertising costs you hundreds and sometime thousands of zloty.


Smart ADS. our screens can be targeted by geographic location as you can see in the diagram which means the adverts in a specific taxi will change based on the zone the taxi is in. For example, all taxis in the green area which is zone 2 will show adverts of pepsi , benz, mcdonalds etc and once they leave zone 2 for zone 3 the adverts will show hp, bmw e.t.c SAVE MORE , TARGET ONLY SPECIFIC LOCATION WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE LOCATED. There is no need to have your advert showing in all locations at all times. with our advert platform you can setup your advert to only show in the location you want.


Our taxi adverts are measurable so you will easily know

  • the cost of aquisition,
  • the number of potential costumers that saw your advert
  • as well as the number of potentail customers that interacted with your adverts through the on screen QRcode.

it's not

BILLBOARDS ARE HIGHLY RESTRICTED Over 150 billboard has been removed from krakow alone from July 2022 due to visual landscape regulation. Also billboards are not permitted in the city centres and historic places therefore advertisers miss out on the whole crowd of people making buying decisions in these places. The screens in our taxis allows advertiser to reach the audience/ potential customers in the restricted areas without affecting the aesthetics of the city . NO MORE RESTRICTIONS for advertisers. And now outdoor adverts can be served in theses locations across Poland


Whether you are the owner of a sole proprietiorship, a marketing manager and/or owner of a small & medieum emterprise(SME) or a marketing/ brand manager at large corporation or platform is perfect for you as you can spend as little as 5pln for a zonal campaigne or as much as you need for a national or regional campaigne.
If you nitend to drive customers to your physical store in a particaluar area you can simply set your adverts to show in the specific region so taxi riders in the selected region know they are close to your business and can visit or you can run a promotion where you customers can scan a Qr code and visit your store while they are in taxi.